Network Monitor Parsers 3.4.2978 in MS Connect

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Released: Nov 16, 2012
Updated: Nov 16, 2012 by JoannaTeng
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Release Notes

The Network Monitor Parsers packages have moved to Microsoft Connect as of release 3.4.2978. They contain parsers for more than 400 network protocols, including RFC based public protocols and protocols for Microsoft products defined in the Microsoft Open Specifications for Windows and SQL Server. NetworkMonitor_Parsers.msi is the base parser package which defines parsers for commonly used public protocols and protocols for Microsoft Windows.

In this release, NetowrkMonitor_Parsers.msi continues to improve quality and fix bugs. It has included the following new and update parsers:

New: BGP.npl, CAPR.npl, FCIADS.npl, GPCAP.npl, KKDCP.npl, RAA.npl, RDPEECO.npl, RDPEGFX.npl, RDPEGT.npl, RDPEI.npl, RDPEUDP.npl, RDPNSC.npl, RDPRFX.npl, WDSMA.npl, WDSMSI.npl, WDSMT.npl, WSTEP.npl

Updates: ADTS.npl, DRSR.npl,, etlusbHub3.npl,, etlusbUcx.npl, etl_usbXhci.npl, FRS2.npl, FSRM.npl, IKEE.npl, LSAD.npl, NLB.npl, NSPI.npl, PAC.npl, PCHC.npl, PKCA.npl, RDPBCGR.npl, RDPEA.npl, RDPEDYC.npl, RDPEGDI.npl, RDPEUSB.npl, RDPEV.npl, RDPEVOR.npl, RDWR.npl, RPCE.npl, RPRN.npl, TDS.npl, TSGU.npl, WCCE.npl, WDSC.npl, WKST.npl, WSP.npl, XCEP.npl

Parser Package Compatibility
This NetworkMonitor_Parsers.msi Version 3.4.2978 is compatible with the latest released add-on parser packages Office and SharePoint Products Network Monitor Parser 1.5, Lync Network Monitor Parsers 3.6, and Network Monitor Parsers for SQL Server 3.4.2978 in the same release.

It has also been tested and approved compatible with the Network Monitor 3.4 RTW release.

For encrypted data, you can use the Network Monitor SSL decryption expert to decrypt the data first, then view the data using the parsers.

Release Details
Release Date: November 16, 2012
Version: 3.4.2978
Corresponding CodePlex Source Code Change Set: N/A
Network Monitor Version Compatibility: Network Monitor v3.4.2350 (3.4 RTW)

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