Network Monitor Parsers 3.4.2131

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Released: Feb 2, 2010
Updated: Mar 18, 2010 by xumins
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Release Notes

As part of the transition to the CodePlex Foundation, we are currently working very diligently to create a new build process and prepare a new release with the aligned new BSD license for packages in this section. If you need immediate usage, please find the parser code under the Source Code with the aligned CodePlex Foundation copyright.

Network Monitor Parsers packages contain parsers for more than 400 network protocols, including RFC based public protocols and protocols for Microsoft products defined in the Microsoft Open Specifications for Windows and SQL Server. Microsoft_Parser.msi is the base parser package which defines parsers for commonly used public protocols and protocols for Microsoft Windows. In this release,
  1. 9 more Microsoft web service protocol parsers are re-factored: MS-MFPP, MS-SSAS, MS-SSMDSWS, MS-WSMV, MS-Discovery, MS-PCCRD, MS-PNM, MS-BPDP, MS-WSMAN.
  2. TLS protocol parser is created to support TLS v1.0, v1.1, and v1.2, while SSL parser is modified to support SSL v2.0 only.

For easy lookup of the parser index and references, you can browse through the NPL Parser Reference Map, where there are also direct hyperlinks to the Microsoft Open Specifications for those Microsoft published protocols.

Every parser MSI package here has been tested and approved compatible with the Network Monitor 3.3 RTW release. Be aware that any changes in Source Code may not yet be fully tested for release. But with our open source initiative, you can feel free to download them yourself and try them out.

Parser Field Naming Change
In order to provide a better user experience, we have included a Parser Field Naming Change list between the last CodePlex release 3.4.2071 and the current release. It has listed all the parser field changes, either a type change, or an instance change, or both. The users can update their applications or filters accordingly.

Release Details
Release Date: February 2, 2010
Version: 3.4.2131
Corresponding CodePlex Source Code Change Set: 42577
Network Monitor Version Compatibility: Network Monitor v3.3.1641 (3.3 RTW)

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