Parser Submission: MS-WDSMA, MS-WDSMT, DHCP


Brief overview of WDS

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) enables Windows OS deployment on client machines over the network. To achieve this WDS uses standard network protocols (like PXE over DHCP, TFTP... etc) and a custom multicast protocol (Multicast Transport Protocol and Multicast Application Protocol). WDS is currently being used by various orgranizations along with Microsoft OEM and ODM partners.

Protocol Details (involving parser changes) -

Multicast Transport Protocol -
The WDS Multicast Transport Protocol is a multiple clients/single server protocol. The protocol, in conjunction with the WDS Multicast Application Protocol, allows transmission of content to multiple clients using multicast UDP. The protocol provides the best effort mechanism for delivery of data to all clients. The protocol provides mechanisms to allow clients to join a multicast session at any.
Link - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd646632(PROT.10).aspx
Multicast Application Protocol -
WDS Multicast Application Protocol is a single server, multiple client protocol. The protocol uses WDS Multicast Transport Protocol for transmission of content to multiple clients. The protocol relies on services provided by the WDS Multicast Transport Protocol to ensure all pieces of content are delivered to all clients in a multicast session. The protocol allows clients to join the multicast session at any point
Link - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/dd646562.aspx
PXE over DHCP -
WDS uses some of the standard DHCP PXE options (eg. option 54 - ServerId, 252 - WPAD) along with option 250 for exchaning WDS specific options between client and the server.
Looks like currently option 250 is being registered for something else and we will have to come up with a workaround so that option 250 can be used for WDS (if the DHCP packet is a PXE packet) or for what it is being used currently.

Justification for including these parsers -

These parsers aid in debugging WDS issues to a great deal. Also, we have a strong case as most of the deployment MVPs ask for the inclusion of these parsers in NetMon.

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Forgot to add the capture for DHCP protocol changes.

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Hi Vipai,

Thanks file the issue for us.
would you please help to share your three parsers for us, then we can integrate them to our branch. Your title write "Parser Submission". It seems like that there is no parser Submission to us.

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Add wdsmt.npl and wdsma.npl, ChangeSet 82167 and 82160. These changes will include in Nov 2012 NM3.4 release build. "Downloads" page (https://connect.microsoft.com/site216/Downloads/).

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